The Only Blood Cell Morphology Analyzer with Automated Sample Prep

Equipped with Next Generation Staining and Immunoassay™ (NGSI) technology, miLab BCMA produces standardized and high-quality blood cell slides in a simple and streamlined process, eliminating errors and variability. Once the test cartridge is inserted, blood sample is smeared and stained automatically.


Cell Differential AI Analysis

After the test cartridge automatically prepares the sample, the installed 500x CMOS-based microscope captures blood cell morphology images for the embedded AI analytics to perform differential count and related analysis in minutes.


Decentralized for Points of Need

Majority of the world’s population still live in areas where clinical laboratory and microscopic analysis and not readily available. For these areas in need of a solution, the innovative miLab Blood Cell Morphology Analyzer is the perfect decentralized diagnostics option.


Product and technology under research and development phase and is subject to change without prior notice.