3rd Generation POC Hematology Analyzer

NOUL's Third Generation POC Hematology Analyzer is affordable, portable, and easy to repair, which is suitable for developing countries where it is most needed to diagnose various disease and health conditions.

Paradigm Shift in Blood Diagnostics


1st Generation: Microscopy Test

• Microscopy Test is a manual counting method of various types of blood cells—red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and other blood cells— through a conventional microscope by skilled technicians in a diagnostic laboratory
• Takes approximately 1 hour to finish the entire diagnostic process—smear, fixation, staining, washing, and drying
• The most accurate method of all existing processes; however, only a small quantity of samples is diagnosed for a lengthy time
• Low-cost investment, low diagnostic expense, and capable of hematological analysis

2nd Generation: Flow Cytometry

• Indirect counting method using a laser- or impedance-based technology employed in cell counting, by having cells pass through the microfluidic channel equipped with microelectrodes
• High-cost investment, USD 100-300k, and limitations of indirect counting method
• As hematological analysis is not possible, when an error occurs method of the first generation, microscopy test, is employed simultaneously
• High maintenance cost, annual calibration and setting required
•Results per brand and device vary

3rd Generation: Hematology Analyzer

• Current market: Microscopy Test of the first generation and Flow Cytometry of the second generation are used simultaneously depending on the circumstances
• As pros and cons of each method are clearly defined, NOUL currently in the process of developing the 3rd generation hematology analyzer, combining the advantages of the method of the previous generations.




World First 3rd Generation POC (Point of Care) Device

  • Small and compact design

  • Battery installed for ambulatory operation

  • Standalone operation without any laboratory or facility

  • 1 diagnosis test within 10-20 min

Multi-Disease Platform

  • Additional disease diagnosis possible through change of disposable lab on a chip (LOC)

CBC data with Morphology images

  • RBC, WBC, Platelet count

  • WBC differential

  • Morphology images

Easy to Use & Maintenance-Free Device

  • Fully automated process without any skilled technician

  • Maintenance-free device

  • All software upgraded through internet or USB