Simpler Workflow for Immunophenotyping

Load cartridge and walk away - miLab does the rest. Next Generational Staining and Immunoassay™ (NGSI) technology makes it incredibly simple to label antibodies without the washing steps and can capture standardized, high-quality immunoassay images in minutes.


Open Platform for Antibodies

miLab Immunoassay is an open platform - a single sample can be simultaneously labeled with upto three preferred antibodies, enabling multiple experiments to be conducted on the same sample set.


Powerful Scalability

An open platform powered by Next Generation Staining and Immunoassay™ technology, miLab can be utilized for dozens of immunophenotyping. Whether the sample comes from blood, tissue, urine, or others, miLab is adaptable.


Product and technology under research and development phase and is subject to change without prior notice.