Micro-Intelligent Laboratory (miLab™)



From slide-prep to imaging review and diagnosis, miLab combines gold standard morphology-based diagnostic process into one potent point-of-care platform. miLab platform is comprised of four key components, each being an open platform on its own with numerous scalability.





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The world’s first gold standard point-of-care malaria diagnostics device

Benefits and Features of miLab™ Malaria

Species and Stages Detection

Accurate species and stages detection for accurate treatment

Lab-quality results in 15 minutes

15 minutes all automated full process - from sample prep, imaging, to diagnosis

10x-50x times more accurate

Compared to average RDT and microscopy sensitivity

1 drop of blood sample

Finger-pricked blood or whole blood

Quantitative Analysis

Parasitemia level detection

Morphology-based diagnosis

Gold Standard method. Scans minimum 200,000 RBCs

Real-time, location-based Surveillance

3G/LTE & GPS powered

Accessible at the Points of Need

~10kg battery-enabled benchtop

Blood Cell Morphology Analyzer (BCMA)

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The world’s first point-of-care Blood Cell Morphology Analyzer with automated sample prep.

Benefits and Features of miLab™ BCMA

Fully Automated, Including Sample Preparation

World’s first POC Blood Cell Morphology Analyzer to automate sample preparation process

Morphology-based complete blood cell differentials

White blood cells, red blood cells, platelets morphology view for complete cell differentials for standard blood testing.

Intuitive viewer software

Slide glass view, cell classifications view, side-by-side view for thorough analysis

Connected via NAS server

All display devices connected via the NAS server can simultaneously access the viewer and data


Product and technology under research and development phase and is subject to change without prior notice.


For further inquires, free free to contact us at info@noul.kr